Himalayan Salt

One of the most valuable and purest salt available is the Himalayan Salt. The salt was produced 250 million years ago when the sun dried up the original prehistoric ocean. It is completely perfect and natural, equal to the structure of the earliest primitive sea. The salt is full of minerals and nutrients that are also found in our bodies.

The application of “Sole”, also known as Brine water, was successfully done by health specialists and physicians by mixing Himalayan Salt with high quality purified or spring water. This Salt has encountered several pressures for years and due to this pressure the salt was formed. The more the firmness, the greater the perfection of the salt formation. These salt crystals, when looked at under a microscope, come in beautiful geometric patterns.

The Himalayan Salt comes in transparent, whitish, reddish or pinkish color and can be found on Salt Mountain and comes together where there is adequate pressure for it to form into a perfect crystalline constitution. The higher the transparency and neutral the crystal color, the higher its clarity. Like the diamond, the more geometric of the shape of the higher the energy content.

It has elements which are easily utilized by our cells. It is called “King Salt” because it was served to Royalty – ordinary people were only served Rock Salt. It contains 84 nutritional elements which are essential to our bodies’ functions. It is clean and unpolluted, and has no impurities.

Regulating the water in our bodies, it promotes a strong PH balance in our cells, specifically the brain cells. It aids in regulating blood sugar level and reducing the aging process; it aids in the production of hydroelectric energy contained in the cells of our body. It allows for better nutrient absorption in the intestinal tract and it promotes respiratory and sinus health. It is also used to soothe menstrual cramps, strengthens our bones, helps cure insomnia, boosts libido, and encourages vascular health. In combination with water, it regulates our blood pressure.

Himalayan Salt can support healthy balance throughout your body. Through supporting the balance of electrolytes in the body, it helps in getting homeostasis; it balances the chemicals that are conductive to the function of the body.

There are many uses for the salt including rejuvenating baths, drinking therapy, restoring skin, flavoring meals, and so many more.

The Himalayan Salt has a very high quality of natural clean sodium chloride and has a perfect crystalline formation. It is quarried and hand washed. It is also resistant to electromagnetic fields.