Salt Light Therapy

The Himalayan Salt comes in transparent, whitish, reddish or pinkish color and can be found on Salt Mountain and comes together where there is adequate pressure for it to form into a perfect crystalline constitution.

Light Therapy: Europeans take a unique approach to light therapy. Since most European countries are at latitudes farther north than most, they are accustomed to long winter nights. Light is important to mental well being. Light therapy is a common treatment in the North Countries where one finds high rates of depression that doctors have found are related to the long winter nights experienced by the people who live there. Salt lamps can be used for corrective light therapy and they can be used for preventative light therapy and to adjust our emotional conditions. Salt comes in a very useful spectrum of colors that create different moods. So you can choose one or more different light colors to fit your current condition and need for light therapy.

Red: is the provocative color that boosts your vital forces and gives you an energetic outlook on life.

Apricot: is said to help you overcome over come emotional blocks, improve open mindedness and increase vital energy.

Orange: is supposed to aid relaxation and improve body harmony. It is also said to be very helpful in overcoming stress, and nervous shock. It also is supposed to increase creativity and your outlook on life.

White: brightens your outlook and has a calming effect that helps you concentrate and enrich your emotional life.

Preventative light therapy consists of keeping mood-adjusting lights in home to not only Provide the necessary spectrum of light to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder, but also to adjust the living conditions to a more pleasant situation.